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Merging companies

Firma Consulting offers advice on business mergers.

If the businesses to be merged are owned by the same entity, a single team of specialists can execute all of the technical preparations required for the merger. These specialists include lawyers with special knowledge of the technicalities involved in completing the merger, certified auditors with special knowledge of finance, tax and further technical issues of the merger, and finally business brokers with their particular know-how in regard to appraisals and the technical details of arranging business mergers.

If the businesses to be merged are owned by unrelated entities, on the other hand, a great deal more precision is called for in the complex process that will be entailed. In such cases each of the parties must engage independent, impartial bodies to execute the range of tasks connected to the merger.

Most of these tasks also apply to the customary process of selling a firm, so please note the points mentioned on this website under the link "Selling companies"

Investment opportunities

Are you looking for investment opportunities in Iceland? Firma Consulting gives impartial, professional, advice to those looking to invest in Iceland. Contact us for more information.

Customer comment

”Firma Consulting demonstrated total professionalism and confidentiality in its work for our company, Hlaðbær-Colas ehf. We trust Firma Consulting 100%, any time there is a need for advice on complex issues of company purchase or sale”.
  Sigthor Sigurdsson
   Managing Director Hlaðbæ-Colas